Ten Things to Do to Make a Manchester House Sell Quickly


In today’s challenging real estate market, it’s important to do everything possible to make a house stand out from the competition. How to sell a house quickly: Stage the home to attract buyers. Professional stager Donna Caselden of Manchester offers advice on how to sell a home¬†quickly.

What Does Home Staging Mean?

Home staging simply means preparing a home for sale to show it off to best advantage. “Buyers have a hard time visualizing how beautiful a home can be. They can’t see the home’s true potential. This is where staging comes in,” Caselden explains. Home owners can do it themselves, or hire a professional to stage their home for sale. Professional stagers are hired by the homeowner or the realtor.

Why to Stage a Home for Sale

Staging is becoming a popular tool for home sellers. Most likely, “You will be competing against homes that have been staged, so you want to make sure yours looks as good, if not better, than other homes that are in the same price range as yours,” Caselden explains.

Also, buyers are now shopping for homes through the internet. Un-staged homes typically don’t photograph as well as homes that have been prepped and glamorized. “You wouldn’t have your portrait taken without fixing your hair, and wearing a snazzy outfit,” Caselden says. “The same thing applies to your home. You need to make a great first impression.”

How to Stage a Home for Sale

Here is Donna Caselden’s list of top ten things to do to sell a home quickly.

To sell a house fast the home must be absolutely spotless.
Eliminate any offensive odors.
Get rid of all clutter.
Accentuate the positive features of the home, such as fireplaces and granite counter tops.
Play up curb appeal (front porch, walkway, landscaping.)
Pack up and store family photos and collections.
Add some life by bringing the outdoors in (fresh flowers and plants.)
Update the home with modern accessories and fixtures.
Let the light in. Clean the windows, and open the curtains.
Keep the house show-ready at all times.

Paint Everything White? Not Necessarily

“We try to make the decor neutral, but that doesn’t mean blah, or all-white,” Caselden says. “The intention is for the home buyer to fall in love with the home, with tasteful, updated decor. If it’s a starter home in a young neighborhood, keep the look hip, young, and Pottery Barn-ish. If it’s located in an over-55 community, go with a more traditional style.”

Two Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make

“Many times, buyers will think, ‘Let’s just put it on the market and see if it sells. If it doesn’t sell, then I’ll stage it.’ Wrong, wrong, wrong!” Caselden says. “Those buyers who came during the first two weeks the house was on the market are gone forever. They’re never coming back. Get your home looking its best from the very beginning, and you boost your chances for making a sale.

Another thing that turns off potential buyers: Keeping the house too personalized, full of family photos, kids’ artwork, trophies, and so on. “When buyers walk in, they’ll think about the family living there if it’s full of personal mementos,” Caselden warns. “What you want is for them is to visualize themselves in the home, not you, and think about how they would use each room.”

Why to Hire a Professional Stager

While living in a home, “you don’t see what other people notice, so it can be helpful to have a fresh set of eyes,” Caselden says. Also, professionals know what is important to accentuate in a home to make it attractive to buyers, including features such as hardwood floors, fireplaces, decorative moldings, and so on.

What Does a Professional Home Stager Do?If the home is furnished, a home stager will do an initial consultation at the home, walking through the property with the the owner from curbside to attic. The stager will offer advice on how to prepare the home, with detailed recommendations.

It’s up to the homeowner to implement these improvements, such as paint color, furniture placement, and storage of items. Once that happens, the stager will return to the home and conduct hands-on staging. This may include furniture re-arranging and adding accessories.

If the home is vacant, home stagers supply all the furniture and accessories necessary to give the home a designer look. These items are rented on a monthly basis.

Staging a home for sale is a popular way to make it attractive to buyers, especially during a tough real estate market. The same principles apply whether the homeowner handles the staging process or hires a professional to do it. A house that looks its very best will entice buyers to imagine themselves living in it, the first step to making the sale.