How to Tape a Corner When Painting Your Loft Conversion


I recently had a loft conversion East London. It looked great but I was left to paint it myself as I didn’t want to pay professionals more than I had to.Here I describe how to tape corners when painting an attic conversion.

If you are painting adjoining walls of a loft conversion with different colors, you’ll need to know how to tape the corner of the wall appropriately so there is a clean and distinct line between the two colors. How this is done depends on the corner of the wall. The colors on walls that meet at a sharp corner should meet directly in the center of the wall, whereas the colors on walls that meet at rounded corners should meet at one edge of the corner, as it can be difficult to create a clean, straight line down the center of a rounded corner.

Step 1
Place the end of a roll of painter’s tape at the top corner of the wall that you will be painting. If the walls meet at a sharp corner, make sure the edge of the tape is lined up perfectly with the edge of the wall. For rounded corners, choose one edge of the corner to separate the colors. Because it is so difficult to create a clean, painted line down the center of a rounded corner, the best option is to carry one color over to the other wall’s edge.

Step 2
Roll the tape carefully down the wall, using your less dominant hand to press the tape into the wall. Continue to roll the tape down the wall until you hit the baseboard, making sure that the tape is perfectly straight and provides an ideal guide for painting the first wall.

Step 3
Paint the first wall using the more dominant color. As you are painting, check the painter’s tape occasionally to ensure that it is well stuck to the wall. Paint two coats of paint and allow the wall to dry completely prior to removing the tape—preferably overnight.

Step 4
Apply the painter’s tape to the painted wall once it has dried completely so that the second wall can be painted. The edge of the tape should line up as closely as possible to the freshly painted edge of the first color so that there is as little overlap between the colors as possible.

Step 5
Paint two thin coats of paint on the second wall, checking the tape periodically to ensure it is well adhered to the corner.

Step 6
Wait until the paint has dried thoroughly prior to removing the painter’s tape. At this point, you might need to touch up the corner of the walls to create a clean line that extends from the ceiling to the floor.