How to Insulate an Attic Door Cover


Attic access is an important component of your house’s construction, especially if like me you use it as an office or extra room. Even if not, you need to be able to get into the attic to access pipes, drains and other systems that operate within your house. Typically a house has insulation, either blow in or batts, that sets between the attic joists. A barrier keeps insulation from blocking the attic door cover. Quite often, however, the contractor neglects to add attic door insulation. With a poor seal and no insulation, heat easily escapes into the unheated area of the attic. It’s a simple do-it-yourself task to stop this heat loss or call in the guys from

Things You’ll Need

  •     Tape measure
  •     Weather stripping
  •     Scissors
  •     Sharp knife
  •     Rigid insulation sheathing
  •     Carpenter’s glue
  •     Batt insulation



Remove the attic door cover from the hatch. Measure the perimeter of the door cover. Cut four pieces of weather stripping the length of each side of the attic door cover.

Peel the back off the weather stripping. Position each piece so that it protrudes slightly outside the edge of the cover. Press each piece firmly in place.

Cut three or four pieces of rigid insulation sheathing 1/4 inch smaller than the size of the attic door cover using a sharp knife. The smaller size allows the door to open easily and not bind on the insulation dams that hold the insulation in the attic.

Glue a piece of insulation to the back of the attic door cover with carpenter’s glue. Stack another piece of insulation on top and glue it in place. Repeat until you glue all the pieces in a stack.

Cut a piece of batt insulation the same size as the rigid insulation. Use the carpenter’s glue to glue the paper side of the batt to the top piece of rigid insulation.

Slide the attic door cover back into position in the hatch. Work it into position so you have a tight seal.

Tips & Warnings

An alternate way to provide attic door insulation is to cut a piece of Styrofoam slightly smaller than the access door. Glue it in place. If you need to be able to remove the Styrofoam, use hook and loop tape to secure it.

To provide the same insulation as the attic floor, try to make the depth of the insulation on the cover the same as the attic floor.

Wear gloves when working with insulation to protect your hands.